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09-22-2015, 11:10 AM
Hey guys!XL got back to us, and confirmed that our Hateful Ocleera is currently on a 10hr respawn timer. That means the “irl time” that it appears is going to shift throughout the day/week, which is why it’s been such a bother. So well done, Boxman:
Going off of this, I can confirm it spawns every 10 hours.To help people out who are stuck on this quest, I highly recommend you shout it out in faction chat that you’re looking for the Hateful Ocleera, and ask the DS farmers to announce it when they see it spawn. Getting each person who needs the quest to chip in some gold for a finder’s fee wouldn’t be a terrible idea either, in my opinion.(Remember that this is a temporary solution until XL turns on the full Ocleera Rift, at which point this fight becomes a big multi-faction event. We’re just in a rather strange transition state right now, so it’s harder than normal to complete.)
@Quillodon - i'm stuck too. My character is Nuian L55; I had done the quests lines in Diamond Shores and Golden ruins for the obsidian weapon and obsidian armour, got the Crimson Watch Title, but the last Episode I did is 18. Not Quite Retired. After that, I lost the thread; I recall at the time thinking this can't be the end, but I couldn't trace where to go next to continue and eventually gave up. I see now there are still a few more episode but I don't know where to kick start No 19. According to the info I could find (http://archeagedatabase.net/us/quest/4405/), the next quest is given by Dipkah at that farm West of Marianople. couldn't find him; maybe he spawns at specific time?Hey Galadriane, Sounds like you’re on the Nuian campaign. If you still HAVE the “Not Quite Retired” quest, make sure the box is checked in your quest log and then go talk to Dipkah (she’s the girl waiting at the Carriage Station north of Dawnsilver). If you’ve abandoned the quest, you’ll need to go back to Dawnsilver and re-accept it from the “retired soldier” in Dawnsilver. She lives in the house by the Stablehand. Hope that helps,-Quill

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