View Full Version : Celestrata: @Celestrata - Bugged Anniversary Quests and haven't received 7 tokens.

09-22-2015, 02:40 PM
@Celestrata How about those of us with 14 who need that last token from the broken 'color certificate' quest?That is the very reason we gave 7 instead of 5. The extra tokens should cover the days where you had a broken quest. If you are still not at 15 after the grant of 7 tokens, many apologies, but there is very little we can do.
What if I have 8 tokens total, but they are split among two toons. I was an idiot and kept getting gift box on wrong character. Unfortunately, we're unable to really help here as well. The grant issued tokens to any character that had 5 or more, and we are also not moving tokens across characters once they are claimed.

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