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09-22-2015, 05:40 PM
Can you tell me more about Melisara?
Ok, so. Melisara? >.>I actually posted something about her here, since she appears to be somehow connected to the Inquisitors: http://forums.archeagegame.com/showthread.php?231795-Inquisitor-costume/page4But I’ve got a break today while we wait for the next batch of files from XL, so perhaps I can go into a little more detail.Melisara was the daughter of the noble house Livolla, in the kingdom of Epherium. The same kingdom Gene (Kyrios) was from. She adored her father, a decorated soldier in the kingdom, and trained in combat from an early age to follow in his footsteps. But the Livollas were on the wrong side of court politics in Epherium. And when Gene’s mother rose to power, she swiftly moved to eradicate potential threats... and ordered every last Livolla put to death.Only Melisara escaped, sent to live in secret with a loyal friend of the family. There she grew up thinking of nothing but revenge. She no longer trained to be a soldier like her murdered father. Now, she trained as an assassin.Years later (and through some ridiculous court politics that I won’t get into here), Melisara is contacted by a powerful noble and given the perfect chance for revenge: an order to kill young Gene Evernight, the bastard prince of Epherium.Unable to touch the mother, Melisara vows to extract her vengeance from the son. She tracks down Gene and Tahyang in the back alleys of Delphinad, and infiltrates their band of badass vigilante/criminals known as the Shadowhawks. But Gene and Tahyang are still friggin’ GENE AND TAHYANG, so she can’t exactly 2v1 mid only these guys. So she works her way through the ranks, earning Gene’s trust and honing her fighting skills, waiting for the perfect opportunity to betray him and enact her revenge.Buuuuuut it turns out Gene and Tahyang are actually pretty awesome, and against her will she slowly realizes that he had nothing to do with her family’s murder (and in fact, left Epherium altogether because of his mother’s insanity). So she finds herself becoming an ACTUAL Shadowhawk, rising to second in command only to Gene and Tahyang themselves. She struggles internally, weighing justice against vengeance, and continually promises herself that she’ll kill her new friend, just... you know… LATER.Skip ahead a bit. Melisara is one of the twelve that enters the garden at the center of the world, and while she does not become a god, she DOES gain dramatically enhanced powers. Unfortunately for the story (‘cause I love Melisara to death), she doesn’t emerge from the garden until everything on Auroria has already gone to hell.Imagine: Melisara has spent most of her life struggling with the desire to murder one of the people she respects most in the world. Then she goes on an epic adventure and disappears from the world for centuries, only to emerge from a crazy hyperbolic time garden to discover that not only has this person become MURDEROUSLY INSANE, he’s slaughtered half the continent and raised an undead army and she TOTALLY COULD’VE PREVENTED IT.Unsurprisingly, blaming yourself for continental genocide tends to clarify your priorities a bit. Melisara uses her newfound superpowers to craft a dagger of bone strong enough to kill any living thing. A dagger so potent that it literally absorbs the soul of the user as its power source, using that energy to destroy its victim from the inside out. She then straps her sweet godkiller to her side and seeks out Kyrios when he is at his weakest.She finds him just after he has murdered the Ayanad Council. Exhausted, confused, and betrayed, he sees his long-lost Shadowhawk sister returning to his side and moves to embrace her… and she stabs him in the back.It’s really important to note here that literally NO ONE has EVER defeated Kyrios in combat. Melisara is the only person in the history of history to take this guy down, and she does it with one friggin’ thrust.Do not. Mess. With Melisara.Anyway, this plan would’ve worked great if it weren’t for two things: First, Kyrios was so powerful that instead of outright killing him, the dagger basically puts him in a coma while Melisara’s soul is trapped inside the knife, trying unsuccessfully to finish the job. Second, friggin’ TAHYANG couldn’t bring himself to let Kyrios die, and drags his comatose body to the throne room of the garden where he and the other heroes decide what the hell to do with him.At this point Kyprosa shows up and says “Oh no, with my super vague prophecy/knowledge powers I know that Kyrios can’t be allowed to die yet, we need him for reasons that Quill refuses to spoil in this thread.” She then takes Orchidna’s place on the throne, and uses its powers to heal Kyrios and remove the dagger. Melisara pops out all super pissed, cusses out everyone in the room for refusing to do what needs to be done, and stalks off.So of COURSE, Kyrios feels even more betrayed by this latest attempt on his life and curses all his former friends as traitors. Goes RIGHT back to doing what he was doing, and the remaining heroes take up the fight again to try to stop the spread of the Crimson Army. Melisara fights by their side, presumably calling them idiots the whole time. I don’t know.Skip ahead more, and we arrive at Kyprosa and Eanna’s master plan: trap Kyrios in the garden (alive), and get everyone off the continent to escape the magical crapstorm that’ll happen when they do that. Only problem is, SOMEONE’S gonna have to stall the God of Destruction and keep him in the garden while they seal the gate.You get one guess who volunteers to fight him first.(Unfortunately, Kyrios is able to overcome Melisara, Tahyang, AND Aranzeb in that final battle in the garden. But their sacrifice buys the time needed to trap him inside, and allows Nui to open her portal and shepherd the Auroran refugees off-continent. Personally I'm super disappointed that Melisara doesn’t feature in the intro fight scene, but I guess you can’t have everything.)So… Boom. Melisara the Dagger.Any questions?

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