View Full Version : Celestrata: Anniversary Token Exchange Machine removed?

09-24-2015, 01:50 PM
Guys, I'm going to close this thread up here. When it comes to limited time events, the rewards can sometimes be tied to the event itself, especially when it comes to adding unique vendors to Mirage Isle. Once the event is over, the event is over. Always make sure to get your tokens or coins in early to get what you want before the event ends. In this case, both servers had patch notes regarding the expiration of the Anniversary Machine in their server downtimes when we chose to extend them beyond the Anniversary Festival's run. The machine was also kept up for longer than the event ran, as the advertised expiration was September 15th. Beyond that, we announced the 22nd would be the last day for the machine, even though the machine stayed up for the 23rd. We wanted to make sure people had ample time to cash in their tokens. As this machine has already been extended and XL has intended this event to be limited time, we will not be extending the machine any further. We apologize to those who held onto their tokens until the very last minute. As suggested before, if you didn't get to spend your tokens, hold on to them.

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