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09-24-2015, 02:20 PM
Hello Avadon!This should answer your question:
The Crimson Watch quests are all part of the "campaign" quests now. To reach them you must finish your original level 1-30 campaign quests (the green exclamation marks), and then start the new level 30-50 quests that you can find in Ynystere or Cinderstone (depending on your faction). These new campaign quests will guide you through the PvP zones and eventually lead you to Diamond Shores to join the Crimson Watch.Note: players are having some trouble completing one of the new campaign quests right now because you have to fight a worldboss known as the Hateful Ocleera. When you reach that point, be sure to pay attention in faction chat because the monster only spawns every 10 hours (the current tooltip is wrong) so you're gonna wanna get there fast when it does.The locations of the first lv30-50 campaign npcs are:
Talk to Gleeman Orneon at the northern entrance to Ynystere if you're on the east, or find him just outside the Burnt Castle Camp in Cinderstone if you're on the west.I know this is a little confusing, since the added campaign quests are mainly for new players so you've gotta backtrack to find them. Just comment here again if you need any help, and either I or another player will steer you in the right direction.Cheers,-Quill

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