View Full Version : Quillodon: Synthesis Window Misleading

09-25-2015, 12:40 PM
So if you get the casting speed one, if you pick the lower option, do you lose that casting speed for some other stat? Or will that just change Int into something else? Hello Lily! This is exactly the kind of confusion OP is pointing out.To clarify, at each upgrade the possibilities are:1) Just upgrade current stats.2) Attempt to reroll a selected stat (if possible. check the "available effects" screen to see what it can roll at that grade)3) Upgrade current stats AND get a new random stat (this happens at higher grades. Cant stack the same stat twice)4) Attempt to reroll a current stat AND get a new random stat (note: there's a chance one of these will roll the stat you were trying to get rid of, especially if you're trying to roll away the cloak's "natural" synthesis stat)Other weirdness: you cannot synthesize a cloak until it has been equipped to you at least once. No idea why, since they're bind on pickup. But there ya go.I'll be updating the tooltips in our files to make this more clear. Thanks again for reporting it.

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