View Full Version : TrionBrasse: Diamond Shores Faction Bases Now Rank 3 on Evo and New Servers

09-25-2015, 05:40 PM
We don't have a time. =)Look, guys... a long time ago, in a Galaxy far, far away, we had a lot of supremely competitive events in a little game called SWG. We formed strong guilds and had people on the lookout at all times to report back and give us the edge. We had a plan. When something happened, we had an excellent communication/alert system to activate as many guildies as possible to participate.If you're telling me that 10 years later you can't do the same in AA, then you must have lamer guilds than our old ones were.AA is HARD CORE. The hardest and corest will win. Is it fair? No. Life is also not fair, which is why I was born into a poor family AND haven't won a lottery yet.Brasse

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