View Full Version : TrionBrasse: Diamond Shores Faction Bases Now Rank 3 on Evo and New Servers

09-25-2015, 06:00 PM
so any info on this base assault you guys just informed us would happen? is it over or do we have to wait around the base for the next 2 hours Well let's see. Yer dealin' with Dwarves. Bein' a Dwarf meself, I think yer screwed... unless ye up yer defense most mightily. Elsewise, us Dwarves will beat tha livin' ♥♥♥♥ outta yer fortress. Hey, it's whut we do.Personally, Oi think our Dwarven clans are jut vyin' fer new player race. We are verra, verra persistent.(All fortresses, once Rank 3, endure assaults from the Alemine Dwarves. If the players do NOT successfully defend, the base ranks down to R2, and they have to build it up again. Moral of the story: BE A DWARF. Ohhhhh, you can't? Pester XL and Trion, like me!)Brasse tha Dwarf

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