View Full Version : TrionBrasse: Diamond Shores Faction Bases Now Rank 3 on Evo and New Servers

09-25-2015, 06:20 PM
so does that mean its just that one group of bunkers or is it other things as well?on morpheus we just did the wave of dwarf bunkers, though it doesn't seem the east had them show up. THis is why we are wondering the time frame of this assault, will more show up when we aren't there. There isn't much info on this. Yer in tha vanguard on this, me non-Dwarfy friend... live an learn, or die tryin'!Then it's yer choice whether yer guild shares yer experience, strategy an' information... or if ye withhold it ta make yerselves stronger.Us Dwarves don' much mind. It's all entertainin' fer us!Brasse

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