View Full Version : Graphic Bugs? / Heavy loaded zones making freezes

08-04-2014, 11:18 AM
When i first start my character quests as a firran there's the tiger kitten scene where your character is petting the tiger and playing with it.

As the movie starts the character is all black and slowly it's cloths and colors refill, this happend in another place i am not quite remember where i was seeing it again. (severity - very low)

The other strange bug i'm having is while walking around i suddenly getting triangle black shapes jumping on the screen and than its gone and everything looks fine, it usualy happens in open areas where there's alot of farms or structures in the background. (severity - annoying but sufferable :P)

I also noticed another bad bug when i'm in a small outpost zone and there's alot of players around or npcs + structures it takes a huge ammount of time for the stuff to "load", my whole character reaction stucks for seconds and even if i was dashing the movement freezes and returns a few seconds later, freezes goes sometimes better and sometimes even worse. (severity - high)

Running on Win7 64bits
I tried to attach DxDiag but it didn't let me so i'll link it here :

Usualy when my shader settings were high i noticed my screen-card were having more trouble showing a good frame-rate and due to that there were alot more slowdowns so i lowered the shader quality to normal and it runs faster ( i run my game in full screen - all graphic settings are on highest settings except anti-aliasing[x2 or off since things will get really slow if i turn it higher due to limitations of my screen-card and acctualy without it things still looks awesome] and multisample[usualy causing more bugs then making it look better on ATI cards so it's off], i am on DX11 - i tried running in DX9 i still had the same troubles = black character loading, triangles covering the screen now and then and slow down bug freezes).

In the last beta maybe it was because there were alot more players, there were specific areas which had more player congression that made things hard as starting from taking a quest and delivering it and/or moving around the town / trying to approach a crafting station (everything moved slow with massive freezes until it seems the zone was loading up... and than it became minor freezes).

Thanks for your help
and I hope this helps other players too that suffers from the same glitches.