View Full Version : All The Errors I Found In Text Rewrites

Lystra Dawn
08-04-2014, 12:35 PM
Fire in the Farmyard - Cinderstone Moor - (Rewrite)
"There's Lava Balls there (than) are cooled rock on the outside" the (than) should be (that).

Countermeasures - Cinderstone Moor - (Rewrite)
"Thre are a number of Griffins up on the Orchid" - It should be (There) are a number.

Saving Dawnsilver - (Rewrite)
The quest giver says "Heartroken" instead of "Heartbroken" when talking about killing Goblins.

The First Settlers - (Rewrite)
The first word is "No see", when it should be "Now see".