View Full Version : WTS Delphinad and Epherium leather armor pieces WTB (leather) Delphinad Desert pieces [Nazar]

09-27-2015, 06:01 AM
Selling the following armor pieces, PM me with your offer + server name please if you are interested:

Delphinad Desert Cap Celestial
Delphinad Gale Guards Celestial
Delphinad Earth Cap Divine[SOLD]
Delphinad Thyphoon Belt Divine[SOLD]
Delphinad Earth Breeches Celestial[SOLD]
Delphinad Squall Fists (Arcane) [SOLD]

Epherium Desert Guards (Arcane)
Epherium Lightning Guards (Arcane)

Epherium Lightning Belt (Grand)[SOLD]
Epherium Lightning Jerkin (Grand)[SOLD]
Epherium Earth Jerkin (Rare)[SOLD]
Epherium Desert Jerkin (Grand)[SOLD]
Epherium Flame Jerkin (Grand)[SOLD]
Epherium Gale Belt (Heroic)[SOLD]
Epherium Flame Fists (Arcane)[SOLD]
Epherium Flame Cap (Arcane)[SOLD]
Epherium Gale Belt (Grand)[SOLD]
Epherium Earth Belt (Heroic)[SOLD]
Epherium Desert Breeches (Rare)[SOLD]
Epherium Desert Fists (Rare) [SOLD]
Epherium Flame Boots (Grand) [SOLD]
Epherium Desert Fists (Arcane) [SOLD]
Epherium Gale Fists (Grand) [SOLD]


Delphinad Desert Belt (Any grade except celestial)
Delphinad Desert Chest (Any grade except celestial)
Delphinad Desert Breeches (Any grade except celestial)