View Full Version : Minor graphics issue/crashing + mob bug

08-04-2014, 03:56 PM
For the most part, I had a fairly smooth experience with this beta. Only a few things came up that I felt need pointed out.

I played all 4 races over the weekend just to get a feel for them and had some minor graphics issues in the elf starting area. Mostly the foliage was a little slow to load and had some clipping issues around a few houses. Found the slow down odd as this felt like the lowest populated area in the game.

Had couple of game crashes on one day during beta though it didn't quite feel like a crash. Most game crashes I have experienced in the past have caused the game to slow down or freeze, then close, then pop up a little game has crashed or error has occured message. I didn't detect anything wrong with the game but, there were a few random times when the game just up and closed. No warning. No error message.

Lastly, I was fighting some fire elemental explorers for a quest in Solis Headlands. Two of the mobs I had pulled had lost about 1/5 of there health and then just kept saying immune. I kept trying to fight them until I started running low on health and then mounted up and took off until they reset.

Overall, definitely a great experience during this beta and none of these occurences felt game-breaking to me.