View Full Version : Celestrata: Songcraft Canceling Bug

09-30-2015, 12:50 PM
For a while I'd been wondering why I was having difficulties with my songcraft buffing. Turns out its cancelling, seemingly at random. Sometimes I can cast ode to recovery no problem a few times, then I have to spam it 10 times to get it up again. This is obviously a very big problem for me as I'm a healer/buffer in pvp. After talking with a fellow songcrafter and testing out some things it seems some of my gear combined with the Disciplined Performance Rhythm stacks and possibly Zeal are what are causing the cancelling. Specifically my Obsidian Shoes (Decrease case time), Obsidian Gloves (increase magical critical damage), Auroria Dulcet Vitalism Sleeves (increase mirror light duration) and Auroria Dulcet Vitalism Sash (increase recovery amount of renewal) are the gear pieces that are clashing with Rhythm and Zeal. As I've said this is very problematic to have as my buffing is cancelling left and right. Anyone else experiencing this or have insight on it? It's listed in our known issues, here: http://forums.archeagegame.com/showthread.php?227412-ArcheAge-Version-2.0-Build-7.0-Patch-Notes-Heroes-Awaken This is a bug that we'll be fixing in a future update.

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