View Full Version : Great looking game

08-04-2014, 04:29 PM
The game looks great the environment was beautiful. Thank you for the chance to participate in this Beta test. The story line was fun and gave a lot detail to character back ground. I made 4 characters to see the different story lines.
I made a Firran and made to the the public farm in the Tigerspine Mountains. While around the farm the tutorial kept showing the message that a Vocation Quest was available but i could not find a NPC with the quest.
In the Elf beginning area the bushes show and available action but when activated I never found items in the bush or received XP. Not sure what was missing.
Over all I enjoyed the the game with an exception that would keep me from playing the Labor energy. Labor is designed for patrons only. I started a character and only opened the bags that i received from the mobs and opening the packages from quests. When i got to the zone to learn vocations i still did not have enough Labor energy to complete the quests. This makes it impossible to craft anything outside of these quests. I play Rift and enjoy the crafting the chance to make some gold and make some of your own gear. I like the ability to buy REX on Rift to enjoy the pay to pay benefits. If that becomes an option on Arche Age i would play but as it is I will probably play Rift til you end it. Labor killed the game for me.