View Full Version : Chat window bug and glider/mount bug.

08-04-2014, 04:34 PM
I am sorry in advance if those bugs were already reported. While playing CBE2, I came across these 2 bugs.

First is a chat window bug. When I was typing to my guild mates or at all in the chat window, it happened multiple times that my previous sentences or words would be inserted as I would type letters to form my words and sentences. I wasn't pressing any of the alt+ or shift+ buttons combinations nor the up, down left and right arrow buttons either.

The second bug I had was when I was riding my glider. The glider's abilities tab that show up when you ride would simply not appear anymore. It was also a permanent bug. It also happened once that I was riding one of my mounts. I also could not dismount it anymore. For the mount bug, I just closed the game and restarted it which fixed it.

Please look into these. The game is promising and no matter what people say about it, it's entertaining and fun to play.
Thank you. :cool: