View Full Version : Klockwerk's Carpentry, Leatherworking, and Metalworking Service - 30k+ Each [West]

10-01-2015, 09:41 AM
Hello everyone.

I am able to craft some of the things like the high-end beds that restore 100 labor per day, as well as bows, plate armor, and any leather armor you may need. I can also do Obsidian crafting for you which requires some of my mats and is negotiable based on the item.

If you provide mats, there is no minimum tip but one is greatly appreciated. Feel free to PM me, shoot me a mail in game, or post here if you require any of the below services.

IGN: Klockwerk
Carpentry: 35,000
Metalworking: 33,000
Leatherworking: 32,000
Handicraft:: 13,000