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10-01-2015, 03:20 PM
So I asked in another thread but I figured I would ask here would it be possible for someone to upload a screenshot of the available effects window on any delph cloak thanks if someone can do it! Sure thing!So this is the Available Effects window of a Delphinad Arrowflash Cloak that's going from Heroic to Unique:http://i.imgur.com/4yhh3P2.pngAs you can see, this cloak already has Backstab Melee Damage and Spirit. I've selected to reroll Backstab Melee Damage, and opened up the Available Effects window to see what my options are going to be.You'll notice Spirit is grayed out, because I already have Spirit on his cloak and I cant have the same bonus twice. But I DO have a chance to either roll Agi, Stam, Str, Int, or backstab damage again.(IMPORTANT NOTE: Further testing has proven that these cloaks are REALLY weighted towards rolling their "natural" effects again versus anything else. So if you're trying to get it off the cloak entirely and make an uncommon cloak/effect combination, you're in for a nearly impossible battle with RNGesus. The "secondary" synthesis effects seem MUCH easier to reroll, however.)Hope that helps!-Quill

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