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10-02-2015, 04:50 PM
Sorry, guys, lore time might be on hold for a bit while I work my way through this batch of text. Too many of my “lunches” ended up being work-lunches this week.
Hey Quill, I'm a book collector and was wondering something. For those like me that actually craft the readable books for their houses. If we weren't able to get past books due to how they are now in-game example would be those who have done the Glider Quest in Lilyut Hills Before 1.7 and 2.0, will there ever be a way for us to obtain the said book / decoration? I mean aside from selling a house with it to the character we want it on to complete the collection?Hello Annouke! To my knowledge, there is no way to get a quest reward after its “source” quest has been removed. I know someone who desperately wanted to complete their Glass Figurine from the old Damond Shores daily, for example. But XL told me they had no plans to bring that quest back after they removed it, so I was forced to tell the poor collector to abandon their quest =(Purchasing a piece of property with the book on it (even if you sell it right back again after picking up the book) is a GREAT workaround that I didn’t even think of. But again, we’re dealing with a limited collector’s item at this point so I wouldn’t be surprised if that started getting pretty expensive.
Hey Quill reading through some old posts about lore, there seems to be a title for "the Keeper of the Gate" with the name Lancisa. Is there a change from localization in our version or will that be the name used in the future?Hello Aycee! While I don’t have any instances of the name “Lancisa” in my files, I can tell you that the original gatekeeper (who sat on the throne at the entrance to the garden) identifies herself as the Fairy Queen. And when Orchidna opens the door and takes her place on the throne, she inadvertently releases the Fairy Queen and her people out into the world.Whether this is a good thing or a bad thing is pretty unclear right now, as we don’t have much official info on what the fairies are like. I’m hoping we’ll find out more as additional Auroria zones are unlocked.Oh, and one last thing:Whoever that was on the livestream asking me what my “dream archeage mount” would be, I saw you but I didn’t want to interrupt. I think it’d have to be the Pavogriff (the peacock griffin), since it features so heavily in Haranyan statuary and was the symbol of the (totally kickass) Empress Pavitra. I wanna see a living one in the game world!Great big flowing tail! Razor sharp talons! BLOODTHIRSTY MAJESTY! C'mon XL you know you wanna.

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