View Full Version : BigDataDude: All these lvl 50 alts with no gear in arena, Trion, do something about farming alts!

10-03-2015, 06:20 AM
So how do you know its not just me? You cant tell if my son is playing or not. I have a laptop and desktop PC sitting right next to each other. My point was no one knows if its Me V's Me farming honor or if its Me V's my son. I quite often use his account to farm honor and quite often i put his char in the arena naked so its faster to kill him. Other days he will be on his desktop allowing me to kill him naked. The point is the OP is crying about nothing that can be proven and you have a GM (BigDataDude) here willing to ban people for playing by the rules and he cant prove otherwise. Just because they have no gear on means nothing. Give someone a little bit of power and they are sure to abuse it huh GM BigDataDude Let's try to avoid jumping to conclusions. Sigh. 1. I am not a GM 2. I never used the word "ban" anywhere 3. I have zero power to ban anyone and only provide information to the people who make those decisions

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