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08-04-2014, 07:59 PM
Hello there, I just found out about this game today, and from what I've seen I'm already falling in love. However I would like to know more about the mechanics behind the game. This post will be split into the things I"m interested in, then specific questions about them.

So obviously this game doesn't follow the standard class system of having a set class with set builds and skills. This game allows crossing three class sets to create your own unique class (about 720 in all assuming you can't stack class sets). On that subject, are there any set class titles? Normally if you highlight a player you can see exactly what class they are, but does such a thing exist in this game?

I'm also curious about how one chooses their class sets. I watched a video of character creation where you apparently selected at least one starter class. Are you stuck with that class till level 10 when you can switch? Or is switching available immediately.

How do the classes provide skills. It seems you raise each class individually (I'm assuming whichever ones you have "equipped" at the time gain equal experience). Do they provide skills based on their levels and have their own growth trees?

This one is the one I know the least about as various games have various styles. Is this game like the main MMO bunch in that you select a single target and use skills, auto attacking in between, or is it like...crap I forgot it's name, the other game where you have to manually aim and trigger basic attacks and aim your skills?

Groups. Group size limits, guilds and size limits, I saw something about a family system? Any information on these things.

I understand the recharge rate for these things, beyond that, what does it affect, what are the caps, how is it used and in what quantities.

I'm assuming linked to Labor Points, but in what ways. Does it cost 1 point to craft something, or hundreds? Does item collection do so as well? I would presume working on city building uses it.

What are the limits of crafting? Most games sort crafting into certain material types and outcome items, then limit you to only knowing two. With this games open concept design I'm curious how that is being approached.

So as I've seen, players can build homes, buy land, build farms and cities with walls. How does this work. The site shows images of people fighting over these things but how does that work. If a person puts real money into buying land and someone attacks it, do they lose that land? Does that money go to waste? Or is it like a territory system where you can expand and you can have a core place untouchable.

On that note, are there any NPC cities that are free from this mayhem? Do characters need housing, and if you can't purchase your own land, can you rent an apartment? Or maybe a tent? Can you work on other peoples farms to earn payment and whatnot?

Some games limit character growth based on class, but since that's not an easy thing, I"m curious how stats are affected, does the player choose point allocation, or do your class sets somehow work together to find out what stats to raise.

Pets/mounts. There was someplace where it was mentioned raising your own mount, how does this work?

Information on this in general

These are just some general questions I'm hoping to find information on before open beta so I can have some sembalnce of knowledge going into the game.