View Full Version : Exploiting the Weekend Dungeons, and Boss MoB kills in dungeons

08-04-2014, 10:52 PM
Still not fixed, and yet people are still exploiting it.\

1. Either Trion and XL refuse to fix it as it is working as intended, and next B3 and release i will fully utilize my god willing talent to utilize the in game functions allowed since they are not being addressed by programers to fix.

2. Or 2, it is an exploit and will not be tolerated. In which case there will be monitoring of these dungeons to insure that anyone caught exploiting known bugs will be banned according to TOS.

either way, these dungeons are broken, have been identified as being broken here in USA and if you read the Korean Sites forums, they too have identified the problem.

So once again, if you like to exploit games, this is a great opportunity on release and now, to go in , get overpowered gear, and easy access to the gear while most dont know what is going on.

Talk about ruining an economy in game, its a wonder.