View Full Version : Quillodon: Diamond shores bug? Opposite faction allowed to kill Quest giver NPCS during peace?

10-06-2015, 07:20 PM
On top of the Ezi Light Statue there is a NPC "boss". He stands on the head of the statue. He is killable if you go to the opposite faction or if you are a Pirate. No big deal you may think, well... When his dead body disapear it disconnects nearly everyone Online on the server. Can be used for a 100 purposes, We mass-reported it 3 weeks ago but no action been done to it so far. Hello Aros! To my knowledge, QA tested that in the new build and didn't get a crash. But it's possible they missed something! So if this bug involves killing the Ezi's Light NPC in a specific way, could you please PM me? I'll pass it on to them first thing tomorrow to double-check =)Thanks!

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