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04-13-2014, 05:41 PM
I'd love if someone could post a quick screenshot of the current character stats page showing what the current attributes are (or, conversely, list them and what they specifically affect).

From what I understand, character attributes are only affected by gear, armor, food/potion buffs - I am assuming they level proportionately as the character levels? And do they all level proportionately or does it change based on the current active skillsets (e.g. if you are running a melee dps spec, the attribute equivalent to strength would level faster than, say, the spellpower equivalent)?

Trying to do some serious theorycrafting atm. xD

PS: Any up-to-date skillset calcs for the NA Alpha that you fellow AA addicts might suggest?

Thanks! =)

(apologies if this is a redundant post - tried doing a quick forum search but didn't come up with much)

04-13-2014, 05:43 PM
Force: each point increases melee damage by 0.1. Also increase parry rate, melee accuracy, melee/ranged block rate.
Intelligence: each point increases spellpower by 0.1. Also increase maximum MP, magical accuracy, melee/ranged dodge rate, magical/ranged crit rate.
Agility: each point increases ranged damage by 0.1. Also increase ranged accuracy, melee/ranged dodge rate, melee/ranged crit rate.
Spirit: each point increases magical resistance by 1.6. Also increase HP/MP regen rate, melee/ranged/magical accuracy.
Stamina: Increases maximum HP, and parry rate.

These 5 last stats can be stacked by the player through gear (although leveling up also increase it slightly depending on skill trees equipped).

04-14-2014, 06:59 AM
These 5 last stats can be stacked by the player through gear (although leveling up also increase it slightly depending on skill trees equipped).

Do these level up bonuses change when you change your active trees?

Like if I level up with melee trees will my character get Force bonuses that persist even after changing my trees to magic?

04-14-2014, 06:59 AM
no bonuses will be the same on armor

05-26-2014, 07:13 AM
Hi. I was wondering if anyone could explain how (if?!) leveling up and/or skill tree selections affects your stats. I have been playing the Korean version for about a month and leveling up various characters to the teens for comparison. As far as I can see, all of their main attributes (Ex. strength, intelligence, agility, etc) increase the same (2 per level). As well, I cannot see an significant differences with the more detailed stats (Ex. detailed offensive, detailed defensive, etc.) In fact, it appears that when leveling up, some of these stats even dip down and then up later.

I am already aware that item use can have impacts on such stats. Again, my question is about leveling up and/or your choice of the three skill trees. Does leveling up affect characters with different skill tree selections in different ways or does just everyone character get a 2 point increase per level regardless of what skill trees they select?

Further compounding things are the point allocations to the different class names. Certain English and Korean sites assign numbers between 5-11 to the following categories: physical damage, magic damage, defense, curses and buffs (or create specialized 'pie charts' about them). What do these numbers mean?? I have found no explanation in either English or Korean sites about what these numbers mean. Do they relate somehow to the basic attributes or the more detailed stats? If so, how?

If anyone can even shed a tidbit of information about my inquiry or direct me to a site that does, Korean or English, that would be great!! Thanks again. Sorry for the lengthy email.


05-26-2014, 09:31 AM
Tools like the http://arche-base.com/ show you abilities of the character you are building. This is my toon that I want to build Fagaley (http://arche-base.com/builds/view/4214-Fagaley#7.2.4/68JK67HK777K) the tab "base stats" just show you that build's strengths and weaknesses. This current build, Fagaley would do poorly with a sword but should be solid in magic DPS, also Soloing and moderate debuffing would not be out of the question

05-26-2014, 03:28 PM
Hi MisterD. Thanks for your time to point out the site to me. However, I am trying to find a more detailed explanation. In a site such as yours, they give the pie figure like diagram that I mentioned in my post which is basically the same as the other sites where they assign numbers between 5-11 for things like magic attack or debuffing among others. I am hoping to learn what those numbers actually mean. Do they relate somehow to the increases in your character's basic attributes (ex. strength, intelligence, agility) or perhaps directly affect the more detailed stats (Ex. detailed offensive). Or maybe they are 'invisible numbers' in that they somehow affect your ability to attack or use debuff oriented abilities without you actually seeing how through looking at your character stats. It would seem a little strange if the latter was the case. I am guessing there must be some connection between the numbers given in the base stats tab of the site you gave me (and others) and the numbers you can actually see when you view your character sheet in the game (ex. when you look at your attributes or more detailed stats). I just cannot figure out how nor have I been able to find any page in English or Korean that does. It would be nice to know because it would help me to plan better which skill trees to pick or even which items to choose in the game for my character to help me meet develop the kind of character I want to have.

I hope all of this is clear! Thanks again for your effort and look forward to more assistance from you or anyone if possible!


05-28-2014, 06:15 PM
Well..since no one else has put their 2 sense in (or doesn't know), I am going to go on a little limb here to hypothesize an answer to my own question based on my own leveling and data/comment gathering...

I would seem to me that is -wrong- (or at least MISLEADING) for people to say that certain class combinations affect your visible stat distribution (ex. strength, agility, any detailed stat, etc). Rather, it is your choosing of passives that can have a small affect on your stats if any. Certain passives (if you choose them) will slightly affect your stats. So indirectly, your choice of class combinations will affect your stats but only in that you will have different passives to choose from which are really what could affect your stats. So I think it is better for people to STOP saying class combinations affect your stats and START saying your choice of passives will affect your stats.

Second, regarding the sites that give numbers and/or little diagrams about physical attack, magical, attack, protection (or defense), weakening (or efbuff) and strengthening (or buff) (For example, go to http://arche-base.com/ , build a character and click the Base Stats tab)...I believe the makers of them are simply giving -arbitrary numbers- that do -NOT- represent any actual stat values in the game. Rather, someone body simply looked at each class and gave it 'RATING NUMBERS'. He/she thought something like...'okay, how many physical attacks does this class give a character, how many magical attacks?, how many buffs?, how many defensive powers?, how strong is each of those attacks' and then they just used such thinking to assign rating numbers for again arbitrary categories (physical attack, magic attack etc.) to each class. This simply lets people know -roughly- (but unfortunately not very exactly) how well class and class combinations will perform for them in terms of general attacks, spell types etc.

To give my own two thoughts .... it would nice if things were more -CONCRETE- to avoid confusion and also to allow players who care about stuff like this to figure out their stats more easily. At least, the people who made the character builder sites could put in a simple paragraph similar to what I have written here to let people understand better what their numbers mean especially when they appear to be arbitrary in that their numbers aren't actually real stats in the game. (Ex. The terms physical attack, magical attack, defense, buff, etc.) are rating value that we (site makers?) have created but are not really stat values to...etc.)

Okay...enough rambling! Again, I could be wrong in one or more things I have said here....I challenge someone to prove me wrong!! Otherwise, I am finally going to stop playing around with Archeage and start playing a real game with the Korean version. It seems real fun! And I can't wait to try the English version. I hope they make stats more concrete or even better...it would be great with we could actually increase some stats like the strength, agility, etc. ourselves when we level. It would be one more nice level of customization for this great game!


05-29-2014, 09:22 AM
Anyone notice that melee gets kinda screwed, at least offensively, in terms of stat allocation?

FORCE affects melee dmg and accuracy, but melee chars have to go find AGILITY to increase their melee crit %
Ranged characters can simply stack AGILITY, which increases ranged dmg, accuracy AND crit %
And then you have the chosen ones....casters, who can stack INTELLIGENCE and get every benefit that ranged gets from agility PLUS a bigger mana pool.

Doesn't seem exactly equitable.

05-30-2014, 12:34 PM
Well, force (or strength as some translations have it) also increases melee crit. It's also worth noting that melee crits do 200% damage by default (as opposed to 175% for ranged and 150% for magic) in addition to our innately high crit % and damage bonus on certain abilities, add to that the complete leather set bonus (don't leave home without that extra 5% crit chance) and you'll fin we're actually quite in a good spot.
For instance: precision strike, from the battlerage tree, inherits 370% of your melee attack (which is regoddamndonculously huge) and has its crit rate increased by 40% when used from behind...oh, and it deals an extra 300% crit damage. So with adequate gear, you will almost auto-crit that puppy for (base dmg + 3.7 * melee atk)*5
Melee still looking gimped to you offensively?
Correction: strength/force no longer increases melee crit

05-31-2014, 03:36 AM
The only ones I would foresee being "gimped" would be tanks and healers, mainly the PvP forms. They have to deal with melee, ranged, magic, and stun / root attacks. everyone else will likely be going to 2 traits

DPS types:
melee: force / agility
ranged: int / agility
magic: int / spirit

05-31-2014, 04:18 AM
Int and stamina magic (spirit gives mr, mana and mana regen)
agi and stamina ranged
that will be right =]