View Full Version : WTB Inquisitor's Robes or TRADE for Dragon Cultist Duster/Griffin Guard

10-08-2015, 02:16 AM
As the title says, post me some offers, the AH is overpriced as hell at the moment. They were on there when the packs were released for 1/2 the price....

10-08-2015, 03:42 PM
As things become less available, the price goes up. Simple economics, supply vs demand. xD

10-09-2015, 03:27 AM
Well it is not rly less available, the pack is the new one and people are still buying it. The Duster that I would trade is not available anymore. ^^

And Costume prices are random as hell. Yesterday one costume 1800g, today it didn't even sell for 900g (Devil's Temptation / Northern Legion), other day it sold for 1350 bid. So yeah. RANDOOOOM.