View Full Version : Quest descriptions getting stuck on 2nd page

Artemus Morgan
08-05-2014, 09:10 AM
I noticed with a number of Nuian quest givers that the quest dialogue would get "semi-stuck" on the 2nd dialogue page.
The text suggests there should be more dialogue, but hitting "f" of the appropriate screen button does not have an effect at all (not accepting the quest, either). You can still switch back and forth between the first two pages, and you can also still accept the quest via "g" or screen button, so it is probably just a minor issue.

Issue can be reproduced when aborting the text and approaching the quest giver again.

Quests noted with error so far:
Village Delegate Multen, Ronbann Castle, "Unrest in Rockmar Barrow"
Agitator Simon, Rockmar Barrow, "Exposing Lord Colin"
Guard Captain Brann, Royster's Camp, "The Captain's Crisis"

Also, this has probably been noted in other places before, the audio quotes for most of the merchants still seem to be in Korean. The only two NPCs with localized (English) voices are the BlueSalt 'Merchant Recruiter' and the 'Mirage Isle Auctioneer' in Windshade.