View Full Version : Neutral Guard Exploit

08-05-2014, 09:49 AM
Recently my guild embarked on a trade run from Marionople to Lutesung Harbor, we seemed to of encountered an issue in which we believe could be game breaking or just flat out unenjoyable and exploitive. While making our way into the Lutesung Harbor we spotted a fishing trolley in front of us going into port. Once we approached a decent distance with the Trolley they had the guards attack the ship (we do not know how as we were pulling up onto the dock as well). Whilst the guards were attacking the fishing trolley the group were allowed to attack us without changing the guards aggro. While we understand that dying and losing packs are part of the game we personally believe that while near guards any and all player versus player combat must be stopped immediately, if not guards become this exploitable and useless npc with no real defending capabilities.

We know others must have had this exploit done to them and encourage you to contact either XLGames or Trion as we have done @ business@xlgames.com

If you wish to contact us hop on our twitter @aaScarletSails