View Full Version : Celestrata Bloodsong: Things we want fixed?

10-08-2015, 02:50 PM
Celestrata thanks very much. One of the things with number 10 that I have never seen Trion acknowledge is the reason why archers are bad. Does the Trion team understand that the entire reason archers do not work in our version is because we can not stack armor penetration like they can in the other versions via the costumes? Will you please acknowledge that the lack of armor penetration because of costume removal is the reason why archery does not work? If they can acknowledge this then we could have a chance to get a fix via something else. You have taken the hard line on costumes, okay cool, I personally appreciate it. Replace costumes stats somewhere else. We've asked about it, and they believe the game continues to be balanced without the introduction of costume stats. Because, sure, Archers would get their pen, but other classes would still get bonuses to combat that pen. With everyone not receiving those benefits, it's all a wash. Plus, they have a whole team dedicated to class balance across the game and they test these things on their side. That's why we don't usually get involved with balance discussions. But, we do continue to pass along community feedback so they are aware of the community's opinion on Archers. But, on the flip side, again our community is recommending changes for a build that they have already moved past. We're offering feedback on 1.8 and 2.0, and they're already on 2.5, where Archery fixes are already in place. Plus, when they make balance changes, they'll usually make it in their version first, rather that creating unique balance changes for our version. Our version later receives those changes when we get to that point of the patch cycle, which is why our team really wants to catch up closer to their version. That allows us to not only get balance changes faster, but also gives the chance for the community to give active feedback on what they're working on.

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