View Full Version : Leather Crafters! Don't just salvage your Delph Earth Leather...

10-08-2015, 06:16 PM
I'm creating this thread, not so people can craft up FOR me, but for people who are just crafting up for certain things and don't get what they want. Most of the time people will break the item down into wisps and sell the wisps as it is easier than selling the item itself.

But I'm here to let anyone who is crafting leather know that if you happen to craft any Delphinad Earth pieces, I will buy them off of you immediately for wisp price. I mean, you were just going to turn them into wisps anyway right? So why not help a fellow AA player out and just sell the item at wisp price and we both make it out happy. You get a profit margin because, well, it's Delph and I get a specific piece of armor I am looking for. Price will update with current price of AH wisp per day, these would be for Green and Blue Quality items only as that's what they'd come out as from the armor house.

Obviously this isn't a system for everyone, but for those that would like to take part in this, please just send me a whisper and I'll get back to you within a couple hours.

Hours: Sun-Sat, 10am-2am (EST)

Current Wisp Price is @42g

Delphinad Earth Leather
Cap - 3,200
Jerkin - 5,100
Belt- 1,900
Guards - 1,900 Purchased! Thanks!
Fists - 3,200
Breeches - 3,800 Purchased! Thanks!
Boots - 3,200

Will accept trades of gear of equal value amount for items I have.
Mythic - 7k SOLD! Buyer will be crafting up Delph Earth pieces for me.

Legendary - 5k SOLD! Buyer will be crafting up Delph Earth pieces for me.

Rose Stone Mansion - 4k SOLD!

Epic Sea Serpent Propellant - 3.5k SOLD!

10-10-2015, 07:50 AM

Edited the OP to include possible trades for gear as well.

10-12-2015, 12:20 AM

Removed two items that sold as we came to an agreement on terms of how things would work. Added an Epic Sea Serpent Propellant and slightly adjusted prices!

10-12-2015, 11:01 AM
Updated the listing, thank you for the first step in helping me obtain this set! It was a pleasure doing business. 1 down, 7 to go!

10-15-2015, 07:31 PM
Bump bump bump! Still looking for many pieces. Seen a couple good deals on the AH, but waiting them out just in case. Some are being sold below wisp value so if you have any at wisp value, let me know so you get the better deal!