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10-09-2015, 04:00 PM
A rough draft of patch notes for today's update to PTS. Celestrata was writing up something way cooler but was called away for an emergency. :)* Skill Queue has been updated and enabled again for a new round of testing! Please play with the changes to combat including the queue and the below individual skill changes and give us your feedback in the thread here (http://forums.archeagegame.com/showthread.php?239655-Skill-Queue-Feedback-Thread).* Along with Skill Queue, several skills now fire only once per keypress rather than triggering all attacks with a single key: Battlerage's Triple Slash, Occultism's Mana Stars, Archery's Endless Arrows, and Shadowplay's Rapid Strike. * Added daily login rewards in a new tab under the Event Calendar button on the bottom right of the screen.* Golden Plains Battle: Improved bases to provide PvP protection to players for 5 minutes after entering. * Hasla tier 2 and 3 items have been re-enabled.* Archeum Bundles (Faint, Clear, Lucid, Pioneer, Pirate) have had their material requirements reduced - stone, lumber, fabric, leather, iron have been removed.* Yuletide Haulers can once again bring Yuletide cheer to the roads (and offroads) of Erenor! Fixed the bug causing these to be undrivable.* Multi-harpooning your own ship to levitate into the sky should no longer work. Physics prevails!* Lavaspark can now equip crafted pet armor.* Feathered Dragon Glider can now be upgraded, instead of the Red Dragon Glider being listed twice.* Fixed incorrect skills (skills not being available) on the Enhanced Phoenix Glider: Gliding and Turning.* Fixed the incorrect Auction House category on Glowing Sealed Delphinad Necklace and Earring.* Fixed an issue where you would not receive Crimson Altar Energy from the Crimson Rift.* Fixed a stuck issue on the Burden of Proof quest.* The Portal Trouble quest can be received once again.* The Book Collector achievement should now be obtainable.

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