View Full Version : Huge Fashion Sale!!

10-14-2015, 12:33 PM
Hi Hanure friends,

I am looking to sell a very large amount of fashion/costumes that I have acquired since I started playing AA. Some are on Aranzeb and some are on Kyrios. I am looking for gold/APEX trades only. Negotiations can be made through PMing me on the forums (please not in-game).

Some of these costumes are VERY rare and will probably never be seen on the marketplace again. Other took a large amount of time/money to craft/acquire. Below is a picture of all I have for sale. Enjoy :)


I will update this list if/when things sell:

Dragon Cultist Duster -
Devilish Temptation -
Angelic Whisper -
Icekissed Winter Festival Costume (has active ability) -
Cheerberry Yata Costume (has active ability) -
Bloodmaw Eveningwear -
Chimera Agent Uniform -
Prim Service Uniform -
Spotless Service Uniform (x2) -
Royal Bloodraven Robes -
Firebrand Courtier's Robes -
Dark Tear Witchcraft Disciple -
Dark Tear Shadowplay Disciple -
Dark Tear Auramancy Disciple -
Bubblegum Swimset -
Panther's Growl Swimset -
Beach Racer's Swimwear -
Desert Assassin Plate (x2) -

Miss you guys!