View Full Version : ♡❀ BUYING: Divine Obsidian Leather Boots & Divine Delphinad/Epherium Earth/Squall Belt ❀♡iow. WTB Archer gear

10-16-2015, 01:21 PM
I am looking to buy:

[Divine] Obsidian Leather Boots T1 - T5 (Evanescence version)

[Divine] Delphinad Earth Belt
[Divine] Delphinad Squall Belt
[Divine] Epherium Earth Belt
[Divine] Epherium Squall Belt

[Divine+] Epherium Wave Earring
[Celestial+] Ayanad Gale Ring

[Epic+] Delphinad Volcano Bow

http://31.media.tumblr.com/87f77a8bb51d6482e522a352bd863efd/tumblr_n38gcg3Mmp1r7y61oo1_100.gif Send me a PM through the forums or mail in game (Hanure East)!