View Full Version : *SCAMMER* POETRY, Morpheus East, Guild Boku my Pico

10-18-2015, 04:59 PM
Hi Morpheus,

As everyone knows, there's risk involved in doing an obs upgrade trade; i.e. seller has T1 obs bound to him, but he's selling T2, the buyer provides the wisp to unbind and seller sells the T2 obs weapon. I knew this risk going in on a T3 to T4 upgrade on a obs scepter trade.

Well, I got duped by player POETRY from Boku my Pico guild as he scammed me and took off with my 3 wooden mana wisps (he would provide 3 on his own).

DO NOT TRADE with POETRY as he is a confirmed SCAMMER.

This post isn't meant to whine, but to serve as a warning to any potential victims on Morpheus. DO NOT TRADE WITH POETRY as there's a high chance he will scam you!

I've done many of these trades successfully and these upgrade trades are usually the only means for a seller to get rid of their obs weapons and to make some money. Just hate it how a few bad people ruin it for everyone else :(.

Proof's below: