View Full Version : Combat : Shadowsmite possibly not working as intended?

The Gray
08-06-2014, 12:53 PM
Im not sure if it was how the text was written or if it is an actually bug for the skill. When i would use the skill it does little to no dmg from the front, unless of course you have stacks of blood lust, that part i understand, the skill though does however say from behind it gives 600% to your physical dmg. It does not mention that it goes along with your stacks of blood lust or if it is just your natural raw physical dmg you have from your auto attacks. So even from behind there are times when you do little to no dmg. I think maybe changing the text to clarify maybe that bloodlust is required or recommended to have in order for the skill to be used appropriatly. Or maybe the skill its elf needs to be check in case blood lust is not needed to gain that 600% dmg increase from behind.

08-07-2014, 01:23 PM

Bloodlust is the ability to attack same-faction characters.

Anyway, the tooltip is pretty clear:

"Launches a surprise attack, dealing Melee Physical damage equal to 90 times your stacked Bloodthirst and Shackling your target for 3 sec."
- Note that there is *no* mention of your Melee Attack.

"Backstabbing adds Physical Damage equal to 600% of Melee Attack."
-Note that there *is* mention of your Melee Attack.

08-07-2014, 02:53 PM
It's two separate damage events.

Attack 1: 90*Bloothirst and Shackle
Attack 2: 6*Melee Attack if behind

On damage logs, they show up as two separate damage events, meaning that they hit independently of each other and the first one CAN miss even if the second one hits, or the second one can miss even if the first one hits. Do note that even if the first attack does zero damage, the second attack will hit if you are behind your target.

Also, if the first attack misses, but the second hits, the target won't be Shackled.

Also also, this skill is massively OP.