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10-19-2015, 04:31 PM
Hello everyone! I'm making a shop thread to sell east land to anyone interested. I won't always have the land ready for purchase but I can work with you to get you exactly what you want!

IGN: Cat

How it works

Send me a mail in game with the size of land you want, the building you want on it and the location. I'll let you know right away if I have any land available in that area and if not I'll work to acquire one for you.

This service is for people unable to win land grabs, wanting to know ahead what price they will pay for land and that they can get it from a trusted seller. We help players consolidate their land and have an opportunity to place down their unused full kits/designs.

Pricing ***I also accept partial or total payment in APEX [Amount to be discussed by mail]

Villanelle/ Rookborne Basin/ Falcorth Plains

16x16 plot________________________800g
24x24 plot________________________1500g

16x16 improved Scarecrow__________1200g

24x24 Thatched Farmhouse__________2000g____________4300g
24x24 Manor______________________2300g__________[Upgraded]__5000g
24x2 Townhouse___________________2600g__________[Upgraded]__5300g

Ynystere/ Mahadevi/ Solis Headlands/ Silent Forest

16x16 plot________________________700g
24x24 plot________________________1200g

16x16 improved Scarecrow__________1100g

24x24 Thatched Farmhouse__________1800g__________[Upgraded]__4100g
24x24 Manor______________________2100g__________[Upgraded]__4800g
24x2 Townhouse___________________2400g__________[Upgraded]__5100g

Arcum Aris/ Hasla/ Tigerspine Mountains

16x16 plot________________________600g
24x24 plot________________________1100g

16x16 improved Scarecrow__________1000g

24x24 Thatched Farmhouse__________1700g__________[Upgraded]__3000g
24x24 Manor______________________2000g__________[Upgraded]__4700g
24x2 Townhouse __________________2300g__________[Upgraded]__5000g

Perinoor Ruins/ Windscour

16x16 plot________________________500g
24x24 plot________________________1000g

16x16 improved Scarecrow __________800g

24x24 Thatched Farmhouse__________1500g__________[Upgraded]__3800g
24x24 Manor______________________1800g__________[Upgraded]__4500g
24x2 Townhouse___________________2100g__________[Upgraded]__4800g

[I][U]Extra Info

-All my sales come on first come, first served basis unless you are a returning customer. Plots already available will be sold to the first person making a full price offer. Plots not yet available will be sold to the first person on the list for that area. If you've reserved a plot in a specific area and one becomes available, you will be contacted by mail and you'll have the plot reserved for 24h. After that's the plot will be sold on first come, first served basis. Returning customers will have priority upon new customers to help with land consolidation. If you're looking to get a lot of land in one area, this service will help you!

-If you're buying a plot only, the payment must be made entirely before the deal. Once I receive the payment, I'll wait until you are ready and you signal me to demolish. Once the plot has been fully demolished, it becomes yours and you are responsible to take it. Remember that there's no rush before the demolition and you are the one to decide when the demolition happens. Make sure you are fully ready to claim it. I do not use mediators/negociators but you are free to ask around for my reputation. I've completed many successful sales, certed and not, and everyone has been able to claim the land without issue.

If you're not comfortable with this, it's okay. You can buy from me certed or find someone else but please don't attempt to change my terms.

Thank you for browsing my shop and I hope I'll have the pleasure of selling you the land you want!
IGN: Cat

10-19-2015, 04:34 PM
Available Plots

-16x16 plot in Windscour North. 500g

Land Sold*

- 16x16 Improved Scarecrow Farm in Villanelle near Jaun's Ranch. 1200g certed [2015/10/19]

- 24x24 plot in Villanelle near Jaun's Ranch. 1500g [2015/10/19]

- 28x28 plot in Windscour North. 2000g [2015/10/29]

- 24x24 plot in Windscour South. 1000g [2015/10/30]

- 16x16 Improved Scarecrow in Falcorth West. 1200g [2015/11/02]

-16x16 plot in Windscour North. 500g [2015/11/02]

-16x16 plot in Falcorth South. 800g [2015/11/02]

-24x24 plot Falcorth South. 1500g [2015/11/02]

-24x24 plot in Windscour North. 1000g [2015/11/02]

-24x24 plot in Solis Headlands. 1200g [2015/11/04]

-28x28 plot in Rookborne (near Mountain Pass). 2000g [2015/11/05]

-16x16 Scarecrow Farm in Rookborne (near Mountain Pass). 1200g [2015/11/05]

-16x16 Scarecrow Farm in Rookborne (near Mountain Pass). 1200g [2015/11/05]

-24x24 plot in Solis Headlands. 1200g [2015/11/07]

-24x24 plot in Windscour North. 800g {Discouted} [2015/11/08]

-24x24 plot in Solis Headlands. 1200g [2015/11/08]

*This is a list of comparables that you can refer to when buying or selling properties to figure out the right price. All my prices are average so it means you can price it lower or higher than mine.

10-21-2015, 12:12 PM

You can now request to buy fully upgraded houses! Only the price of materials are calculated in the price. The price may change according to the fluctuations of the market. The price stated once your order is confirmed is the final price even if the market price of materials fluctuate in between the time you order and the time you buy the property. Upgraded houses are only made upon request.


-Upgraded Thatched Farmhouse (any kind) +2300g

-Upgraded Medium House (any kind) +2700g

10-25-2015, 03:21 PM
New plots available! Hurry rare 28x28 plot for sale! [SOLD]

10-28-2015, 02:34 PM
28x28 plot reserved for a week (you can still add your named to the waiting list). [SOLD]

11-01-2015, 03:07 PM
Another 28x28 up for grabs! Hurry before it's gone! [SOLD]

11-07-2015, 04:05 PM
Bumping this because I've got some new plots and quite a few more incoming!