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10-20-2015, 09:50 AM
Greetings Adventurers,Last week, the ArcheAge team and the Community team sat down with our Customer Service staff to review all of our customer service policies. Here at Trion, we always want to make sure that we are providing the best customer experience possible in our games, and ArcheAge is no different. However, what made this meeting different from most meetings was the topics that was discussed – blockades.Since ArcheAge’s launch, we’ve upheld a single policy that has been the topic of community discussion time and time again. Roadblocks, as we have always felt, were something that was a piece of ArcheAge’s sandbox structure. The ability to block a player and to extort money or unleash a barrage of skills upon them seemed like it could be something fun and desirable in a game such as this. After all, cutpurses and highwaymen are often featured in fantasy fiction and games. It seemed like this would have a perfect home here in ArcheAge’s living landscape.Unfortunately, the idea as imagined is not as fun as the practice in reality. While blockades work and function within conflict zones, where both parties can engage in open conflict, they quickly lose their luster when placed inside of a safe zone and the user AFKs for hours at a time. In these safe zone situations, players are unable to free themselves from a blockade, creating a situation in the game that isn’t fun to deal with and does not support the vibrant, open world of ArcheAge. The blocked player, in many cases, has very few tools they can use to free themselves from an impassible blockade. In some situations, the blockaders have even gone to great lengths to make sure that the tools that are available (Rider’s Escape) cannot be used effectively.That is why after a long conversation, all teams have agreed that blockades no longer have a home in ArcheAge. But, we wanted to leave the ultimate decision up to you, our players, and many of you have spoken. Our forum poll showed a clear majority of users (http://forums.archeagegame.com/showthread.php?240839) in favor of us taking action against blockades.Many of you have also suggested changing the policy to allow blockades within conflict zones. After discussing with the team, there are some issues that could muddle our enforcement of the policy. As some zones have the ability to convert into peace, we may not be able to action blockades effectively during those time periods. Due to that reason, our policy will simply disallow blockades at any time, in any location, peace or otherwise.Starting on October 23rd, users may no longer set up roadblocks/blockades anywhere in the game via any means (vehicle, ships, avocados, or otherwise.) In addition, we’d like to reinforce that users may not use their vehicles, ships, bodies, or another means to block someone from planting on their private land or from blocking NPCs in such a way that they cannot be interacted with.Leading up to October 23rd, users who create blockades will receive a warning, and will have their blockades despawned. After the 23rd, users who initiate blockades may receive temporary or permanent account bans for repeated abuse.We know that some of you may not agree with this change in policy, but we will be leaving the door open to revisit this again if vehicle functionality changes in the future. When players have tools to undo blockades, even in safe zones, then this stance should be revisited. But, until then, blockades are simply not in the spirit of fair play for all and do not create engaging, memorable moments for all parties involved. Sincerely,The ArcheAge Team

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