View Full Version : Trading Labor Across Servers

10-20-2015, 10:49 PM
Trading Labor across NA/EU servers.

My EU Character players on Shatigon I have a total of 30K Labor every 2 days to spend, "Fast Processing" Houses / Upgraded houses so I don't have to spend all day mining stone, but an easy way to mass produce your armor, weapons, or materials within 30 minutes play time.

However I am looking for players/ Guilds on EU who can or have NA characters on "Tahyang" and can return the same favors fast processing crap, possibly have "Team Speak" server which I can hop on when I am on daily so players can hit me up for the crafting :3.

On NA servers " I have a fast processing house which means you can easily burn all your labor in like under 5 minutes on a single character and go back to EU.

Send PM if interested.

edit: Might have been posted under wrong forum section feel free to delete thanks.