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10-25-2015, 03:37 PM
Everything is already built and in place.

1 Stone Slate Mansion with 8 beehives + more 44x44
1 Fellowship Plaza 28x28
1 16x16 Scare crow
1 16x16 open spot land lift
1 Thatched Husbandry House 24x24
1 Thatched Farmer/Rancher House 24x24
1 Thatched Mining House 24x24

The location is next to the cliff in West Perinoor right next to WS. I will not break up the land. You can choose to sell the plaza after or keep the land 28x28 and put up another working house I.E. Apothecary. As is you will have 7 working flower beds which means you just walk up and plant any seed in a quantity of 50 per bed. That is 350 seeds and it takes 3 mins plant them all. You do get a rare proc of abundance from a flower bed which will yield more than a normal harvest. Also on each Thatched house there are plants that grown on the house itself, Pumpkins, Millet, Clover which all yield hay bales. On the bottom of the houses grow Blueberries, Vanilla and Clubhead Fungus.

The Mansion has 8 working beehives and a Golden Teardrop Chest for storage. There is a premade bar inside for drinks and a bunch of odds and ends. There is a bed upstairs to restore some labor. The Plaza is nice to have for the ease of a labor free vault, Vendor and you also have the specialty packs you can make from there and store right on your land. Looking for 50,000.00 gold, please send a message for question you have.

Thanks for looking.

Overview, you can see the two 16x16 scare crow plots between the plaza and thatched houses




A look on the back side


Another Look at the whole view


The Three Thatched houses


10-27-2015, 08:18 AM
Have offers but not trying to split up the land

10-29-2015, 07:26 AM
Keeping the sale listed, if you want a piece of the land and can not afford to buy everything shoot me an offer.

11-10-2015, 06:12 AM
haven't been on much land is still for sale