View Full Version : WTS EPIC Delphinad Ocean Sleeves: info

10-26-2015, 10:34 PM
I am from Kyrios Sever, We share AH items so I figured I would post this in case some one was interested. No Buy out just yet, I am currently taking Bids/offers. I do plan on selling if I get a serious offer/bid, ill place a buy out in a few days. Just like an Auction I will give any one a chance to counter bid with in 24 hours of last bid on forums after the Auction timer ends. If its some one from a different sever I will work with them Via Team Speak or skype and set up and Time to place on AH, any bids from other Severs must include the 5% AH fee into price. All offers and current bidders names and info will be public. Selling thread link below.