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10-28-2015, 03:40 PM
Welcome, Adventurers, to our newest forum -- Publisher Requests! For those of you who are looking for more of an inside scoop on what's coming to ArcheAge, or want to check on a community idea that's been requested, this is the forum for you. What's the goal of this forum? One of the things that's sometimes tough in a forum as active as ours is being able to call out the current work the team is doing with XL to improve ArcheAge. You guys have suggested many amazing ideas, or have pointed out bugs that are in need of fixing, but these threads or staff responses have the tendency to get lost amongst the sea of posts. But we want to do more than just create forum where you can easily find the current hot topics. We want to show you what we're discussing, what we're requesting to the team, and the feedback we have gotten from XL. We want to be transparent with you, our Adventurers, and give you a clear look into what's happening on a routine basis. We also want a place where we can easily update you on a specific situation without having to force anyone to climb through mounds of posts. All of the posts in this forum will feature their updated information at the very top, so you don't have to go searching to get the latest news. So, in short, this forum has 3 important goals:

Provide transparency in discussions between Trion and XLGAMES.
Provide players an easy-to-use location to get the latest ArcheAge information.
Provide an area for players to offer constructive feedback and stay involved in major topics.

How does this forum work? Whenever a new issue arises, or a new community feature is forwarded along to XL for their consideration, we'll create a thread in this forum. The very first post will feature a description of what's being proposed or discussed, and the posts will be left open for community members to freely discuss the topic. As we get additional information and updates, the topmost post in a thread will be updated to reflect the changes and note what's new. At the same time, we'll create a new post in the thread, bumping it to let you know it's been updated. Are there special rules to interacting in this forum? Unlike our other forums, this forum's rules will be much more strict and will be separate from the infraction system. We want to make sure that we cultivate a place where people can leave feedback -- both positive feedback and constructive negative feedback -- without fear of being insulted, flamed, or drawn into an argument. When posting in this forum, please be polite and considerate at all times. Do not start an argument with another commenter simply because you disagree with them. Do not make posts that insult members of the staff. Please follow all of our normal forum rules when posting here. Should you violate one of these rules, you will receive a polite warning and your post will be removed. Should you break the rules again, your access to this forum will be immediately and permanently revoked. Your account will still be able to post in the rest of the forums as normal, but you will not be able to post here. You will still incur infractions for any rules you may break in these forums. Will you be taking feedback on these posts into account? Yep! The conversations discussed here can be used in the discussions between XL and Trion, so we can make sure the community is involved in upcoming changes to the game. Will XL be using these forums too? Yep! Members of the XLGAMES team will be reading this forum, and sometimes we'll be posting information on their behalf. Will there be a single master thread that will show what items are coming in future updates? Yes, there will be a "Upcoming Features" post that will show what items will be coming to the game as of our next update. This post is subject to change as more features are confirmed or changed by XL during their development. With all of that said, we hope you enjoy this new insight into ArcheAge's development! Sincerely, The ArcheAge Team

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