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08-07-2014, 10:56 AM
So I am most likely gonna play a buffer/CC type char. So I'm looking at builds for enchantrix.

There's a few things that I want to ask/confirm.

1. I've read that you can keep all 4 song buffs at the same time, however, this will cost a significant amount of mana (1.2k ish? per cycle). So is it really worth to keep 4 up at the same time? Burst dmg maybe? Or is it better off to only keep 1 song up at a time depending on the situation?

2. Rhythmic renewal forces you to stand in one place if I'm correct, but you are allowed to do other actions? also 0-3 meter range? every1 have to be super close to you to get healed? So I'm just wondering if this skill is worth getting.

3. Is Hummingbird Ditty worth getting? (-6% cast time) Doesn't seem very useful, maybe only for people with sorcery tree? Most of the skills I see are instant cast so I'm not sure (well I'm not gonna get the minus cast time passive from songcraft and witchcraft in either way tho).

4. Protective wings. Similar to Rhythmic renewal? 0-3 meters and cannot do anything while casting? My intuition tells me that it's not worth getting, any thoughts?

5. Any good passives from Aruamancy that I should get? None of them seems interesting or useful.

6. What is buffs scaled off of? Nothing? So in theory I can wear plate armor and still have the same effective buffs and CC assuming I do not care about dmg at all? Does the instrument you have have any effect on your songcraft abilities?

7. Mana usage and Squishiness. Assuming I'm not getting any passive from aruamancy to reduce dmg, and take the 500 magic defense from witchcraft, wear plate armor (if it is viable and doesn't make the buffs and cc weaker), how squishy would this class be? I can remove a lot of cc as well from aruamancy, so If I be careful, I won't be 1 or 2 shotted? Also how likely is there to have mana issues with this class?

My temporary build is this at the moment : http://archeagedatabase.net/us/calc/37250

I might have misunderstood some skill descriptions or something, so feel free to make suggestions and changes