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10-29-2015, 04:34 PM
Message or mail Geralt in game for details or to negotiate prices.


7/7 Celestial epherium Squall Set
4/7 Celestial Flame Plate (feet, pants, guards, belt)
4/5 T4 Celestial Obsidian Leather set (Jerkin, pants, gloves, boots) (your choice in upgrade path)


T4 Divine Obsidian Sword (your choice)


Desert Assassin Plate (x5 available)
Abyssal Wavewyrn Costume
Angelic Whisper
Griffin Guard Uniform (x2 available)
Icekissed Winter Festival Costume
Spotless Service Uniform - b/o 1700g
Firebrand Courier's Robes (x3 available)

Weapon & Armor Skins:

Veroe Dagger (x2 available)
Veroe Greatsword
Veroe Katana
Veroe Nodachi
Veroe Axe
Veroe Shortspear (x2 available)
Veroe Shield
Skydark Steamracer Set (shirt, pants, boots)
Sylvas Nocturne Set (shirt, legs, shoes)

11-01-2015, 02:41 AM
Bump, items still available.

11-10-2015, 02:36 PM
Epherium Flame set sold.
Epherium squall legs, gloves, boots and helm sold. The jerkin, guards and belt are still available.