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08-07-2014, 04:19 PM
So I'm having a hard time understanding -
We have a Beta Schedule - so why is the "Play" button with Glyph installer Red -
Second - If it says Play and the servers are down what is the purpose?

Are the Beta Servers up or down ? Can we get a Website that indicates Servers up / down to eliminate confusion.

My game never loads and at the end of the log file, post crashing I get said results -

"<14:36:34> resetting terrain texture cache
<14:36:34> resetting terrain texture cache
<14:36:35> Final resolution: 1280x800x32 (Fullscreen)
<14:36:35> [Warning] WARNING: couldn't find technique 'DebugPass' in the sequence for technique 'General' (ignored)
<14:36:35> [Warning] CAreaGrid::BeginAreas() called before being initialized.
<14:36:39> r_GetScreenShot = 2 []
<14:37:02> [Warning] [net 20:37:02.896] socket error: 00000079 Unknown

Secondly are the Alpha servers up or would it be a complete waste of time for the 22 Gig's of D/L right now, thanks

08-08-2014, 04:07 AM
beta is down until 14th

alpha is up 24/7