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11-08-2015, 03:46 AM
Hi there,

Firstly let me tell you who i am, I'm Eli and i play on Rangora EU.
I'd like to start a labor selling service on Morpheus and i'm currently trying to gain trust and a good reputation.

How does this work?
It's pretty simple, you can either forum PM me or post on this thread. Please don't whisper me in game, i might miss it. You tell me how much labor you would like me to sell and place the order. We then meet in-game and you trade me the goods (you can choose to mail it instead but you cover the fees). Once i've completed your order, which will occur several minutes after the order, we trade again. You place the money and i place the completed item(s) in the trade window.

How much are you selling labor for?
Base price for 1K labor is set at 15G for the time being.

Thanks for your time. If you'd like my service, PM me or post below.

I'm willing to give away some labor in return for feedback.
I may refuse your request for whatever reason.
Real life comes first, i apologize if i have to drop out for a few hours, i will warn you before hand.
Returning customers may get deals in the future.
I'm willing to do collateral.

11-08-2015, 03:51 AM