View Full Version : Scapes: No Inverted Mouse (Y Axis)

08-08-2014, 02:50 PM
I don't have anything against Trion in general or Scapes in particular. They can only do what they can: pass on the feedback. But this is a problem that you're gonna get when the developer is on the other side of the planet, completely out of touch with the needs of this market. As far as this 'feasibility' of implementing mouse inverting...that's a joke. It's literally a 5 minute patch job. Which leads me to believe XLGAMES are deliberately excluding it from the game for some unknown reason we'll never know. Rather than jump to conspiracy theories, note that my quote mentioned the notion of an ability queue as well as mouse inverting. One is a much bigger ask than the other as you point out. Also, XLGAMES is not out of touch with this community because we're communicating your feedback directly to them and jointly prioritizing changes for our players.

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