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11-14-2015, 02:00 AM
Eagerly waiting for details on this. Here's a barrage of questions: Who or what is Aust? Some digging with Wanderer through the Korean wiki seems to allude to it being Gene/Kyrios' Kingdom in Auroria. Any relation to 'Aust'era? The 'Trouble in the Brotherhood' questline mentions there are three powerful families that make up the Aust Followers. One being House Skadi, a merchant family. Do we know the other two? Also! Speaking of – the Silent Watcher is an Ocleera, correct? Did the Aust Followers summon him only to find out that he wasn't hateful ("Hey guys! This one's a dud!"). The eyeball-monster warns players to beware his brothers who are attempting to 'seek to pluck the skein of fate and weave it as they wish.' implying that they may have their own agenda (or agendas). Do we know anything more here? And lastly, where are the Ocleera being summoned from. The hereafter? Or some other extra-planar realm? Do we have a sense of what the dimensional cosmos is like? (The Hereafter, the Dream, the Shadow Realm, wherever the Akasch are stuck, etc etc). Are these discreet dimensions or just pockets of the hereafter (across from the parking lot where we keep our haulers and ships)? Hello Seaesori! Aust was actually a kingdom from waaaaay back in old Auroria, even before the twelve adventurers and the great wars that followed. It was a warlike dictatorship bent on conquering its neighbors, and it took a grand alliance of multiple nearby kingdoms to eventually defeat it. Hundreds of years later, when Gene became Kyrios, his followers established the kingdom of "New Aust," because I guess if you're the fanatical army of an insane murdergod then why WOULDN'T you emulate something like that. Actually: unless something changes, you'll get to read more about the original kingdom of Aust in an upcoming event! So I'm gonna leave it at that for now =) As for the Aust FOLLOWERS, they are the remnants, descendants, and modern converts of those same Kyrios cultists from New Aust. They've got that old-time religion in a bad way. They worship Anthalon as the prophet of their terrible god, and gladly do his bidding. Along with their brainwashed Chimera assassins, they do everything they can to incite chaos and weakness in the southern kingdoms, preparing the world for the eventual return of the God of Destruction. Including but not limited to their attempts to summon... The Ocleera! The Ocleera are a pretty vague bunch. We learn a little bit about them from the Silent Watcher, who is definitely an Ocleera... but seeing as he's a giant psychic eyeball that speaks only in prophecies and riddles, what he says isn't exceptionally helpful. They appear to be able to see the future, and claim to have knowledge about all SORTS of things (including the plans of the gods themselves), but their agenda is very unclear. I get the distinct impression that the Hateful Ocleera are helping the Aust Followers because it serves THEIR interests, and not out of any debt to Anthalon or Kyrios. The Silent Watcher seems like a nice enough guy/girl/genderless-interdimensional-entity, but we know for a fact that he spoke with the Aust Followers and by definition he MUST have known what they were planning... so why didn't he do anything to stop it? Is he a neutral observer, as his name suggests? Or does he, too, have a plan--and simply chooses to use others as his pawns? ('Cause he certainly didn't have to warn us about the other Ocleera. But he did. And now we're murderin' those dudes on the regular.) Sorry guys. I really wish I had more info on them, 'cause they seem important. But until they show up in more in-game content, I'm as much in the dark as you are. --- As a final note: No, there is no map or guide to the (numerous) other dimensions in the world of Archeage. Most of the descriptions we have are given by regular mortals, whose knowledge is pretty dang suspect. 1) We know that the Hereafter exists, because Nui led thousands and thousands of people through a sort of dimensional tunnel within the Hereafter so they could escape the fall of Auroria. It is commonly believed to be the land of the dead. 2) We know that Anthalon and the majority of the Crimson Army chased those refugees into the Hereafter, but cannot escape back into the physical world because they're being blocked by Nui's Chosen and the Hereafter Gate. This is confirmed by an actual Nui's Chosen, who is totally awesome and is obviously trustworthy in every way. 3) The common belief is that people's souls go to "the Hereafter" when they die. But this seems to be a different location than the tunnel/gateway that is discussed above, or else that'd be a pretty ♥♥♥♥ty afterlife. With no further explanation , I'm assuming the Hereafter is a big ol' plane of death and the tunnel/gateway where the Crimson Army is trapped is somehow separate. But don't quote me on that. 4) We have multiple references about the Akasch being trapped in "The Abyss," which appears to be a kind of tartarus/dungeon dimension created specifically to imprison them. It does not appear to be connected to the Hereafter in any way. Aaaand.. now you know as much as me! Hope that helps! -Quill

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