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11-14-2015, 03:20 PM
Hey y’all! I was driving up to San Francisco anyway this weekend, so I figured I’d swing by the office and check the Pawesome Autumn documentation to see if I could help.
I was unable to place on my alt's land even though they are on the same account. Threw down an 8x8 scarecrow and did it that way. Mail the behbehs! (Just make sure the character who places it in their house is the one you want to own the pet.)
here we go, we got our 1st pirate cat in our guild. it is not impossible AND the Pirate cat was made with blank regrade scrolls not with feathers!!! Oh good, I was worried I'd have to post some veiled "regrade pirate" reference.
Got a black cat, gave it 3 blank regrade scrolls, became a plain black cat T^T Okay guys, until Monday I won’t know if the official plan is hands-off discovery or if we’re gonna break down and post which materials do what. But I’m pretty sure nobody would have a problem with me saying: No matter what you pay to adopt the pet, there is a still a large chance of it growing up to be a normal pet. I… I dunno if we’re allowed to post percentages for this kind of thing, but let’s say it rhymes with “about shmeighty shmercent.” After that, the material you use to adopt it DOES give you a pretty decent chance to get the related costume. To the tune of “about shwenty shmercent.” And in an aggravating twist of fate, no matter WHAT you do you have a teeeeeeny tiny chance of getting one of the other costumes just because. It’s like… ridiculously small though. Wouldn’t worry too much about it. Okay gotta go guys, have fun with your crazy elk/yata/kitten/puppymills! -Quill

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