View Full Version : Crashing to desktop while in Auroria

08-08-2014, 07:59 PM
This is pissing me off big time.

After reaching lvl 50, I said "yea! now lets go see the northern continent!" So I sailed my ♥♥♥ to Auroria.

Only to crash while exploring to desktop without any error codes.

Now, I have a up-to-date machine and was playing in high-rez all along without any issues. Now, whenever I log in to this Auroria toon, the character loading screen would hit 100%, and it will kick me back out to desktop. I have tried the following:

lowering graphics to low
playing from windowed to full screen
tried both DX9 and DX11
increase file page size
created a toon to adjust settings and using that to select the Auroria toon.

All dont work.

Please dont post the "Crashing Issue" thread, cos Ive been there, done that.

Anyone end-gamers having such issue at Auroria?