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11-18-2015, 06:00 PM
If you want to be the "sniper" of archeage, you should try out either an Infiltrator (Sorc/Arch/Shadow) or a Naturalist (Sorc/Arc/Vit).NEITHER of these builds are going to be particularly easy to play. And they'd really only make sense in big group fights. But they're the closest to what you're trying to do.With the right Auroria gear and passives you're looking at:Arc Lightning: 30mMeteor: 30mSnipe: 40mMissle Rain: 55mAnd then either stealth/backdrop/trip for survivability (if you go Infiltrator), or an awesome 30m Skewer for added sniping and potentially hilarious long-range combos (if you go naturalist.) Either way, if someone breaks through your allies and hunts you down you're gonna be in trouble. But with proper teamwork, i could see this being very satisfying for a certain type of player.And I admit... comboing Meteor, Skewer, and Snipe all while staying 30m away from the actual fight sounds pretty friggin' funny. Let me know if you manage to pull it off =PHope that helps!-Quill

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