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11-23-2015, 10:50 AM
I'm new to Archeage (About 5 weeks in) and recently got my first skill (Larceny) to Expert proficiency. I was given a quest to achieve my first title which is "Expert Cut-Purse" and the quest needs me to open 10 Stolen Librarian's bags. After farming mobs for over 5 hours, becoming extremely frustrated, researching online, and speaking to other players, and finally opening a ticket with customer support (Ticket #: 441262) in which case GM Zesnak said "We must first verify an issue with the item prior to awarding the title or the stolen bags to complete the quest". There is no reason to refuse assistance to me or anyone in this manner. It is not new information that stolen librarian purses are not dropping this has been reported repetitively by many players for a number of months! There is nothing to confirm concerning whether the items are broken. They are broken and you have hundreds of players telling you so. I've invested a lot of time, money, and energy into this game in a short time and I expect important quests to work correctly. If they do not work for whatever reason than I expect customer service to be able to solve the issue. I would like either the title I earned through meticulous play "Expert Cut-Purse" or 10 Stolen Librarian bags so I can complete the quest and get the title. There is obviously an issue with the bags, They are not dropping, There is nothing to confirm as the information is well known by Trion already. Please correct this and allow me to continue to play the game as intended, With the title I earned. Thank you!Enjoy your night Celestrata This was a known issue that was part of one of our updates. The quest will be fixed up in a future update. (And we just talked about that on last week's livestream. The fix is coming soon.)

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